City of Montgomery 

Kolacky Capital of the World

Public Works


The Montgomery Public Works Department is here to ensure the citizens of Montgomery live, work and play in a thriving and functioning community.  The Department is responsible for numerous tasks and duties throughout the City of Montgomery that focus on the operation and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure.  The department also maintains all city-owned equipment.


  • Composting - Maintain city composting site
  • Parks & Recreation - Maintain parks, trails and other related facilities
  • Roadways - Streets including snow removal, street sweeping and sanding, pavement repairs, traffic control signage and street lighting.
  • Sanitary Sewer - Sanitary sewer pipes, lift stations, and wastewater treatment facility
  • Storm Sewer - Storm sewer infrastructure and retention ponds
  • Tree Maintenance - Planting and maintenance of all trees located on city property and/or right-of-way
  • Water - Water mains, wells, tower and water filtration plant.
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