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Sanitary Sewer

Aerial view of Montgomery's Wastewater Treatment Facility
Aerial view of Montgomery's Wastewater Treatment Facility


The Public Works Department is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the City’s sanitary sewer system via the sewer mains, lift stations, and the wastewater treatment plant.  The goal of the City’s sanitary sewer system is to safely and efficiently remove wastewater from water collected from homes and businesses, cleans and treats it to meet state standards, and reintroduces it into the environment.  The City has adopted a maintenance program for cleaning and repairing the sewer mains.  Annually March thru October, sanitary sewers are jetted, televised and
Improvements to the sanitary sewer system are funded through new development, special assessments, and the monthly utility bill for sanitary sewer.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Since the first week it went on line in December of 2003, Montgomery's Wastewater Treatment Facility has consistently produced some of the best quality "slightly used" water in the state. The facility is designed to handle well over 1 million gallons of wastewater per day.

Sewer Backup

Property owners own the sewer connection between the City’s sewer main to their house or business.  Sewer backups are most often the responsibility of the property owner. The most common causes of sewer backups are maintenance issues due to the age of the pipe, invasive tree roots, and improperly disposed of items.

Sewer backups may be caused by clogs in the city's sewer system. The Public Works Department can be contacted to check the city's sewer system for clogs. If it is determined that the problem is not in the city's system, a licensed contractor will need to be contacted by the homeowner to investigate the clog further.  If you have questions, feel free to call the Public Works Department at 507.364.5017.

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