The Administration Department is located within the Montgomery Municipal Building at 201 Ash Ave. SW and administers all City business and implements the Council policies and directives. The City Administrator is in charge of all day to day operations of City business, acts as Council liaison for staff. Communication with the public is a very important function of the Administration Department. The City of Montgomery utilizes many different forms to transmit information to the public and receive input from citizens. This is accomplished through the City web site, Cable Access Channel (Channel 8), City Highlights newsletter, City Facebook page, media, and community relations.  


  • Clerk – Responding to a wide variety of inquires, provide a notary public, coordinate the operation of all departments, elections, ensure citizens receive high quality products and services, coordinate efforts to meet goals and objectives established by the City Council, prepare meeting agendas and minutes, and provide staff support to the City Council and citizen advisory boards.
  • Finance – Budget preparation, expenditures and receipts including police ticket payments, payroll, special assessments and records management
  • Human Resources – Recruiting, selecting and training of employees, compensation and benefits and administrator personnel policy.
  • Licensing of Services – Alcohol, gambling, tobacco and other related licenses  
  • Park and Recreation – Park shelter reservation applications
  • Planning & Zoning – Building, electric and zoning permits, land use applications, rental property permits and zoning enforcement
  • Utility Billing – Water and sewer and sell refuse bags on behalf of the local refuse company

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Brian Heck, City Administrator City Administrator
Patti Soukup Clerk Treasurer
Christina Dietz Utility Billing
Leah Petricka City Planner