The City Compost Site is OPEN!

Compost Site is Open

The City compost site is open beginning March 30th. 

Please follow the rules and stay on the road.

The compost site is located at 16638 340th Street, Montgomery.

Residents are asked to abide by the expectations for use of the site:

  • Please respect social distancing guidelines by maintaining 6 feet of distance between parties.
  • If there are people ahead of you, wait in your vehicle.
  • Do not provide assistance to those in front of you to get them out faster.
  • Only grass, leaves, and brush are accepted.
  • The site is for City of Montgomery and Heidelberg residents.

The site will be electronically monitored.  Staff will review the video and may conduct random checks to ensure the rules are being followed.  The site may be closed if inclement weather requires temporary closure or if the rules are not being followed.