Entrepreneur Outreach (E-Outreach) Work Group

The primary role for the e-outreach team is to design, execute, and sustain a strategy for reaching out to and engaging entrepreneurs with the intent of

  1. Connecting them to relevant resources
  2. Learning from them to build a more supportive entrepreneurial environment
  3. Connecting them with other entrepreneurs through peer and mentoring activities

The working group is designed to be temporary, with the ultimate goal for their work to continue on with another Montgomery organization.  For the Outreach working group, the work of identifying and reaching out to entrepreneurs could eventually become the mission and role of a stakeholder or group of stakeholders coordinated by one organization.

Key activities of the work group include

  • Mapping local entrepreneurs
  • Targeting/organizing outreach 
  • Entrepreneur visitation and interviews/surveys
  • Identification of opportunities to provide tailored assistance
  • Connect entrepreneurs to relevant resources
  • Identifying themes emerging from surveys and communicate themes to the resource and core team
  • Recruit and additional team members as needed 
  • Develop a sustained, permanent entrepreneur outreach strategy

E-Outreach Team

Tim Bisek
Jeremy Gerres


Heidi Gessler
Kate Sloan


Aaron Worm