Parks and Trails

The City of Montgomery currently contains approximately 24 acres of park lands and when combined with athletic facilities of the local school district it increases to 67 acres of park and recreational areas within the City.  A majority of the park lands maintained by the City of Montgomery are found within four (4) parks conveniently located throughout the community. The parks are maintained by the Public Works Department. 

Parks, recreation and open spaces can shape the physical environment of a community in a way that enhances neighborhoods. They represent an important building block for a neighborhood and provide an opportunity to protect and conserve a community’s natural resources. The residents and businesses of Montgomery have identified parks, trails, and recreational facilities as a valuable community asset that allows everyone a chance to play or discover their individual talents, no matter what age, interest, physical ability, or desire that contributes positively to the quality of life offered in Montgomery.

Below is a list of the parks within the City of Montgomery, as well as a description of the amenities and activities that can be found at each.