It is unlawful for an owner of property located within the City of Montgomery to permit blight to occur on that property.

Following are some of the basic blight or blighting factor guidelines.  More information and complete details can be found in Montgomery City Code 1050.02 found in Chapter 10.

1. Junk Automobiles are Blight.  The storage of any junk automobiles on any property is considered blight. 

2. The Storage or Accumulation of Junk, Trash, and Rubbish or Refuse of any Kind is Blight.

3. Uninhabitable Structures are Blight.  The existence of any structure, or part of any structure, which because of fire, wind, or other natural disaster, or due to physical deterioration, is not longer habitable as a dwelling or use for the purpose for which it was originally intended is blight.

4. Unsecured, Vacant Dwellings, Garages, and Other Buildings are Blight.

5. Failure to Keep Grass and Weeds Mowed is Blight. This is Grass or Weeds that are a greater height than six (6) inches.

6. Barbed Wire Fence is Blight. Barbed Wire fencing is only permitted in an Industrial Zone.

7. Outside Business Storage in a Residential District is Blight.

8. Brush piles, and the Like, are Blight.

Violations of these and other City Codes may have implications such as fines, citations, additional clean up costs and/or Criminal Prosecution.

If you would like to report a blight complaint, contact the Montgomery Police Department at 507-364-8000 or you can go here to submit your concern.